Industry We Cater

As per the current scenario, the B2C E-commerce industry is Stealing The Show. Our Werecruite E-commerce developers are expertise in different domains of E-commerce that provide responsive web and mobile E-commerce solutions as per the market demands.


Let’s change the future of business by using the Chatbot. Werecruite provides you with Chatbot developers to boost the efficiency of your business. Our developers are highly skilled in developing AI-Powered Chatbot for your .


At Werecruite, we offer you top-rated, scalable, performance-savvy developers who provide one-of-a-kind and remarkable marketplace app solutions to help you stand out from the crowd. With a comprehensive IT solution, you can build your marketplace faster.

Project Management Tool

Get the world-class Project Management Tool Developers in your budget from Werecruite, as the demand for Project Management Tool is escalating. The project management tool is helpful in managing, monitoring, and setting up your project.


ERP/CRM Software is turning out to improve and make the efficiency of business management. Werecruite CRM/ERP developers knock out with innovative and problem-solving solutions for your business.


It is well known that entertainment has become very essential in our everyday lives. At Werecruite you will find innovative and result-oriented web and mobile app developers.


The medical services industry has had a massive impact on our lives and is still growing. As a result, Werecruite is here to provide you the scalable, talented and experienced healthcare web and mobile app developers.


Werecruite Dedicated Ed-Tech Developers creates future-proof e-learning solutions to keep track of and manage your business. Our developers provide applications for Education using AR/VR, applications based on AI and E-learning platforms.


Hire Werecruite Dedicated Fin-Tech Developers for developing the banking and Investment Web and Mobile application to enhance the user experience. Our Resources offers world-class financial application development services to rank on the leader's board.

Travel and Tourism

We are one of the leading hiring partners for providing Travel and Tourism- Web and Mobile App Developers. Our Travel and Tourism Developers have extensive experience in developing and designing data.


Werecruite Logistics Developers build full-service logistics and transportation digital systems by covering all the areas of logistics and supply chain operations. Technologies used by our developers are IoT, AI, Blockchain, and Cloud-Enabled Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have A Question For Us?

Outsourcing the remote development team is always a cost-effective step for the company. Werecruite is a hiring platform that provides you 1000+ resources with great experience in just one click .

Werecruite Developers are very versatile and adaptable. Most of the developers are 2+ years in a particular niche.

We follow the very simple and easy steps in the process of hiring. You just need to share the JD, we will arrange the resource according to the JD and you can shortlist them according to your needs.

When clients take an interview with an individual developer they can ask them about the approach and method they follow to build an app or software. Most of the techniques they pick- Are lean, Agile Scrum. It depends on the project.

We always hire developers with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in computer science, and information technology. Furthermore, we receive certifications from relevant technology suppliers on a regular basis in order to pass their tests and eligibility procedure.