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A Virtual Private Server offers flexibility and high performance, and in the DEAC cloud, a VPS is a secure way to handle company data. At Werecruite, we have experienced and dedicated Cloud Developers that keep up with the latest technologies of the cloud servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Outsourcing the remote development team is always a cost-effective step for the company. Werecruite is a hiring platform that provides you 1000+ resources with great experience in just one click.

All of our policies are transparent, we do not have any hidden policies. We make everything clear in the beginning.

Werecruite team always has the filter resources who are experts in their field with 4-5 years of experience. We allow our clients to take interviews or an assessment test to check the ability of the candidate

Hiring a developer for your company may seem difficult, but Werecruite makes it easier than ever. Our experts begin by assessing the objectives of a company. Then, for the work or project at hand, we'll match you with the ideal VPS developer.

We always hire developers with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in computer science, and information technology. Furthermore, we receive certifications from relevant technology suppliers on a regular basis in order to pass their tests and eligibility procedure