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Form Complete Remote Development Team

Whatever is your business type- a startup, a small business, a medium-sized business, or a large corporation, hiring a dedicated remote development team from Werecruite, is the most cost-effective option. Our tech talented developers help you to turn your company idea into reality and serve as an extension of your development team. Werecruite is one of the greatest hiring partners.

Hire Dedicated Developers According to Niche

Werecruite has remote developers that are talented, competent, and experienced in frontend and backend development. Our Dedicated Remote Developers are the most cost-effective way to make a positive difference in your business. Werecruite has highly retained developers who are available on an hourly, monthly, fixed, and on contract basis.

Hire Dedicated Remote Developers

Why Should You Hire Werecruite’s Bench Developers?

Developers with Experience & Skill:

● Team of Experts.
● Extensive Domain Knowledge.
● Highly Professional with Proven Delivery.

Management of Code and Backups:

● Strong Coding Management.
● Backup is Managed Properly.
● Source Code Authorization at 100%.

Weekly/Daily Reporting with Tracking Update:

● Regular Updates from Team Regarding the Project.
● Project Tracking by Advanced Project Management Tools.
● Easy Coordination with the Project's Team Leader.

Our Project- Hiring Model

How You Can Hire Dedicated Remote Developers

Client Testimonials

What Our Client Says?

Our clients all around the world appreciate our commitment to providing dedicated remote developers with specific technological solutions.

“I would like to Thank Werecruite, for providing me with highly skilled frontend and backend developers for my E-Commerce Project. We enjoy working with Werecruite because they provided us with such a brilliant, committed, and diligent team. All the best to them!. ”

- HR, Stylecabbie

“ Werecruite is one of the best hiring partners with teams capable of covering every single site required to complete my project. It was the best experience to work with the team of Werecruite. I would love to say that if you are looking for pre-vetted and domain expertise remote developers then your search ends here. ”

- CEO, FeedFleet

“ Werecruite has proven as survival to our project. Wondering How? Our project is developed by some other team but I struggled with the development part later. Bench developers from Werecruite not only helped me to fix the bug in my project but also gave the consultation about the further steps of the project. Thank you Werecruite for your support. ”

Business Partner, IPO

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have A Question For Us?

Outsourcing the remote development team is always a cost-effective step for the company. Werecruite is a hiring platform that provides you 1000+ resources with great experience in just one click.

Before we officially begin working on the project, we sign the Full Confidentiality Contract with other drawn documents to legitimize your ownership and claim rights and secure all your precious dataunder the agreement.

We have worked on numerous projects with many startup companies and such misfortune never stuck with us or our clients. We abide by our principles and sign a Full Confidentiality Contract so your precious data is never harmed or disclosed in any manner. We, as a reputable organization, disapprove of such practices.

We appoint a professional and experienced programmer to work on your project within a well-established IT setup after a thorough analysis of your project requirements.You can do as many interviews as you wish before hiring a developer of your choice if you prefer. If a hired developer's competence fails to achieve the necessary results, or if you need more developers with a varied skill set, we will assist you immediately in both scenarios.

Customarily, we take the payment in advance for each month depending on the resource hired. Suppose we drew a contract for12 months with a contract price of $2500 per month then we will take $2500 at the start of the month for next month.